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We do not offer advances to the residents of Maryland, Washington D.C., Illinois, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Vermont, and West Virginia.  By continuing, you have read and consent to our privacy policy.  

Lawsuit Funding
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Lawsuit Funding Made Simple

Lawsuit funding can help bridge the financial gap between when you’re injured and when you eventually receive your final settlement.  American Pride Legal Funding offers one the quickest approval times in the marketplace, and if we have all the qualified materials from your attorney we can act quickly to get money in your hands- sometimes in as little as a few hours.  

Lawsuit funding is an advance against your potential settlement.  However, it’s not considered a loan because you don’t owe anything if your case doesn’t resolve in your favor.  So it’s not a traditional loan.  There are no monthly fees, no credit checks, and no employment checks.  Lawsuit funding is a non recourse advance against your lawsuit.


How much money can I receive?

Lawsuit advances or lawsuit funding is typically not more than 20% of your expected potential settlement.  If your case is settled, then it’s possible you can receive a larger portion of your settlement.  

How do I apply for lawsuit funding?

Give us a call and we’ll take down your basic information.  We’ll reach out to your law firm and request the supporting documentation needed to evaluate your case.  For instance, in the case of a car accident- we would request a copy of the police report, the insurance coverage, and an injury report.

How do I Qualify for Funding?

You may qualify for funding if you have an attorney handling a personal injury case where you were not at fault.  Second, you need to reside in a state that does not prohibit lawsuit advances.  We cannot offer pre settlement funding to the residents of Maryland, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Vermont, and Nebraska.  There also needs to be some type of insurance coverage.  If those things are in place, then you may qualify for lawsuit funding and if you need an advance it makes sense to apply if you have exhausted all other options.  

How fast can I receive my money?

After we take your information and attorney’s information, we’ll reach out to your law firm.  Our underwriters will review your case.  If you’re approved, you can have your funds in less than 24 hours.  We’ll send you and your attorney a contract to review and return.  Upon receipt of the executed contract, we’ll send you your funds via bank wire, Western Union, or overnight debit card.  

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