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Lawsuit Loans can help make ends meet for plaintiffs who are unable to work or behind on their bills after a car accident or some other type of injury.  American Pride Legal Funding provides advances for plaintiffs who were injured through no fault of their own.  Lawsuit loans might be referred to as pre settlement funding and settlement loans, however receiving an advance on your case is not actually a loan.  Receiving an advance is actually non recourse funding because you only repay the advance if you win your case.  

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Common Types of Loans on Injury Lawsuits

The most common type of pre settlement loan is an auto accident advance or car accident loans.  Financial assistance after a car accident is often necessary when you cannot immediately get back to work following a serious injury.  Pre settlement lawsuit loans from American Pride can help you make ends meet until your case resolves. 

 In addition to auto accidents, we can fund premise liability claims, defective drug lawsuits, medical device claims, wrongful death accidents, and medical malpractice lawsuits.  Here is a complete list of all the different types of personal injury loans we offer.  

Settlement Loans Require Insurance

We can only fund cases that are against an insurance company, a government entity, or a large company with known substantial assets (Fed-Ex, Walmart etc.).

Cases involving a commercial vehicle are judged the same way as car accidents involving individuals.  However, commercial vehicles are required to carry more coverage or insurance.  Also, the damages involving a large vehicle can be much greater. 

Accidents involving commercial vehicles are more complicated and usually involve an attorney with an expertise in trucking accidents. 

To start the process just give us a call and we’ll simplify how settlement loans work for you.

How Long Do Pre Settlement Loans Take For Approval?

How fast you receive your pre settlement funding depends on how fast your law firm or attorney can pass along your basic case documents.  From there, we can quickly review and issue an approval and funds with 24-48 hours. 

Every case is unique and every person has different needs.  We value our client relationships and will do everything we can to help you get the financial assistance you need during a difficult time. 

1.       Call us at 833 855 9212

2.       We’ll confirm your application and get your basic information

3.       We then work with your attorney to gather some additional case information

4.       The best pre settlement funding companies work hand in hand with law firms daily processing pre settlement loan requests and are integral in how lawsuit loans work

5.       Our attorneys and underwriters review the information and determine how much can be advanced on your case circumstances

6.    Finally, we send an agreement to you and once it is returned, we can issue you fundscar accident loans

How Can The Lawsuit Loan Process Be Sped Up?

The answer is that once we have your case information, the lawsuit loan process takes about 24 hours to complete.  However, it can take some time to get the information we need to review your case from your attorney.  So, it largely depends on how fast your attorney can send us the information we need.

Often, we need additional information and must go over a few details with your attorney.  We work as fast as we can to get the necessary information as we know that time is of the essence.

Here are some tips to potentially speed up the process and simplify how lawsuit loans work

  1. On our initial call, provide as much information as you can
  2. If you submit your information online, call us to confirm receipt of your information at 833 855 9212
  3. The cooperation of your attorney and law firm is essential. You can call your law firm and talk to the paralegal, case manager or attorney that you deal with and let them know that they can expect a call regarding a lawsuit loan.  This will give your law firm a heads up and expedite the document request.
  4. Don’t apply with multiple funding firms at once, this can complicate the process and aggravates your law firm since they have multiple requests for documentation.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How much funding can I receive?

Your lawsuit cash advance depends on the value of your case.  For an in depth look at how car accident cases are valued take a look at our motor vehicle accident page.  We can advance anywhere from $500 to $500,000 on personal injury cases.  If you have a commercial case or are seeking attorney funding, then we can finance well into the eight figures.  

How much does a lawsuit loan cost?

We offer the lowest rates available for a cash advance on a pending lawsuit.  Your case type along with the overall strength of your claim determines your advance fee.  For instance, for some settled cases, our rates are as low as 1% a month.  We can match and beat any rate.  The best thing to do is to give us a call and discuss your case type.  

How will I receive my funds if I am approved?

You can receive your funds in a number of ways including, bank wire, Western Union, and overnight express delivery. 

Are settlement loans actually a loan?

No, pre settlement funding is not a loan.  If you lose your case, you don’t repay your funding.  That is why loan for lawsuits are actually called a lawsuit cash advance, legal funding, or lawsuit funding.  The term lawsuit loans is used because the financing is new to most claimants. 

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